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Investors who Support Veterans

The Academy Fund provides a portfolio of short-term loans on investment real estate projects led by military veterans. Serving as the financial backbone in these transactions, the Fund ensures security through a 1st lien position on the properties it finances. The loans are fueled by capital from our investors who receive monthly distributions as the loans get paid back.



Is this investment right for you?

Oversight & Sophistication

The Fund and its assets are custodied at Millennium Trust Company and an SEC Investment Advisor is the Advisor to the Fund.

Return on Investment

The income is fixed and can be paid monthly or reinvested. The annual rate is between 8.5% and 10% depending on the amount of your investment.

Supercharge your Savings

Our loans produce monthly income and can be a very good fit for your self-directed IRA.

Liquid Investment

If access to your money is important, redemptions can be requested at any time and are processed as quickly as practicable.


Another strategy to reduce risk is to invest in a diversified portfolio. Our strategy is to provide a portfolio of dozens of loans.


If preservation of your wealth is important to you, the Fund is secured by first lien position loans. Our loans are senior to all other debt as well as equity.

1. Character

Is the borrower cooperative, capable, and communicative? Or are they adversarial, elusive, and a jerk?

2. Capacity

Does the borrower have the capacity to handle this project? Or are they overloaded with too many commitments and not enough manpower?

3. Collateral

Does the collateral that secures the loan have clear title and is valued enough to fully cover the loan and a comfortable buffer? Or is it encumbered, hard to value, and not in an attractive area that would make performance on it (either by the borrower OR us should we take it back) difficult?

4. Conditions

Does the borrower have a solid exit? Or is the exit a bit gray and too speculative?

5. Capital

Does the borrower (or their partners) have enough capital to cover the required down payment and subsequent interest payments? Or are they scraping by and don't have a clear source of cash to cover necessary expenses and debt service?

The 5 C's

Due Diligence Process

Academy Fund Highlights

$ 250,000 +


Rate of Return

$ 50,000 +


Rate of Return

$ 100,000 +


Rate of Return

Support Veteran entrepreneurs (Bonus!)

Tax savings through a self-directed IRA

Protect from inflation

Diversify from equities

Preserve your capital

Key Benefits

How does the Academy Fund compare to others?


Our Impact



Explore the Investment Opportunity

Begin by reviewing our investment documents to understand the potential of the Academy Fund. Engage with our team to gain deeper insights and resolve any queries.


Ready to take the next step?


Access our investment details on our Localvest deal tile or arrange a personalized discussion.


Confirm Your Accredited Investor Status

As part of our commitment to regulatory compliance under Regulation D 506c, we require verification of your status as an accredited investor. This can be achieved through one of three methods:

  1. Utilizing a trusted third-party online verification service.

  2. Verification through your personal attorney, CPA, or investment advisor.

  3. In-house verification by our team.


Please contact Amanda Dawson, who will guide you through the process.  You can reach Amanda at 

or (703) 348-0156.


Fund Your Investment

Upon successful verification as an accredited investor, the next step is to complete the Subscription Agreement. This will be sent to you via DocuSign, along with detailed instructions for funding your investment in the Academy Fund. Your participation is confirmed once these steps are completed, marking the beginning of your investment journey with us.


Our 3 Step Investment Process


120 +


$ 55 M +


$ 3 M +

Investor Distributions

*As of April 15th, 2024

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