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Blueprint for Success

We’ve distilled our process into a five-step Blueprint for Success, carefully crafted to guide our borrowers and investors towards sustainable growth and mutual prosperity.

2.  Strategic Planning and Exit Strategy

We dive deep into the borrower's property strategy, evaluating its value and potential to ensure it aligns with our investment principles. Simultaneously, we prioritize understanding the exit strategy, whether it's a transition to long-term financing or a property sale, to secure the loan's endgame.

1.  Vetting the Jockey

We place a premium on character. We assess the borrower's reputation within the veteran community, their competency level, prior project completions, and overall track record.

3.  Expediting Closing and Funding

Our process fosters rapid trust, facilitating swift funding and empowering our borrowers to capitalize on exceptional investment opportunities as they emerge.

4.  Ongoing Support and Monitoring

Our commitment extends beyond financing; we provide “boots on the ground” support and resources to ensure our borrowers' projects progress smoothly and successfully to completion.

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5.  Mutual Success & Shared Prosperity

Our journey with borrowers comes full circle as loans are repaid, resulting in monthly distributions to Academy Fund investors. This step embodies our dedication to fostering mutual success and shared prosperity within our community.

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