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Registered Investment Advisors

The Academy Fund presents a unique investment opportunity for your clientele. Our portfolio is composed of short-term loans on investment real estate projects, diligently led by military veterans. As the financial backbone, the Fund provides security through a 1st lien position on financed properties. Our investors not only contribute to the growth and success of these ventures but also enjoy the benefit of receiving monthly distributions as the loans are repaid.


By incorporating The Academy Fund into your offerings, you provide your clients with an investment that yields the equivalent long-term return on equities, but with distinct advantages:

Benefits for RIAs:

Predictable Monthly Distributions: Investors receive steady, monthly payments, offering a reliable income stream akin to long-term equity returns.

Stable Principal Value: With no volatility affecting the principal, clients can enjoy a consistent investment value.

Proven Performance: Now in its 4th year, the Fund has successfully provided over $50MM in loans, demonstrating a strong track record.

Comprehensive Legal Compliance: The Fund ensures the highest standards of legal compliance.

Third-Party Custodian: Fund assets are securely held by an independent qualified custodian.

Expert Guidance: An SEC-registered investment advisor oversees the fund and its management. Plus, there are no management fees.

Unleveraged Assets: The Fund maintains a solid financial position by not leveraging its assets.

Platform Accessibility: As a DTCC-AIP member and being available on the Charles Schwab RIA platform, the Fund ensures easy integration into your current offerings.

- Lewis Baker, Rock Creek Wealth Planners and Advisors, LLC

I've been advising investors for over 28 years, and one of the things that has impressed me most about the Academy Fund's structure is how the Fund pays distributions on a monthly basis.  Every month, the Academy Fund is knocking on your door with a check for your distribution.  While stocks are historically returning 10%, bonds between 4-5% and cash under 3%, the Academy Fund is offering returns between 8.5 and 10% that are secured by a real estate asset and therefore not affected by the volatility of the market." -Lewis Baker, Rock Creek Wealth Planners and Advisors, LLC

With The Academy Fund, you're not just offering an investment; you're providing peace of mind. Embrace the opportunity to diversify your clients' portfolios with a product that combines security, stability, and a steady income.  Join us in our journey of supporting military veterans while securing your clients' financial future. Connect with us to learn more about The Academy Fund and how it can enhance your service offerings.

Invite Stability and Predictability to Your Clients' Portfolios

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