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Are you a real estate investor who would like to explore financing options for your next real estate deal?


Explore the Investment Opportunity

Begin by reviewing our investment documents to understand the potential of the Academy Fund. Engage with our team to gain deeper insights and resolve any queries.


Ready to take the next step?


Access our investment details on our Localvest deal tile or arrange a personalized discussion.


Confirm Your Accredited Investor Status

As part of our commitment to regulatory compliance under Regulation D 506c, we require verification of your status as an accredited investor. This can be achieved through one of three methods:

  1. Utilizing a trusted third-party online verification service.

  2. Verification through your personal attorney, CPA, or investment advisor.

  3. In-house verification by our team.


Please contact Amanda Dawson, who will guide you through the process: 

or (703) 348-0156


Fund Your Investment

Upon successful verification as an accredited investor, the next step is to complete the Subscription Agreement. This will be sent to you via DocuSign, along with detailed instructions for funding your investment in the Academy Fund. Your participation is confirmed once these steps are completed, marking the beginning of your investment journey with us.


Our 3 Step Investment Process

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