The vision of the Academy Fund is to build the preeminent capital formation network. Beginning with Service Academy graduates and subsequently adding all military veterans, the Academy Fund will rival the business influence of Ivy League alumni and even Wall Street.

The community of Service Academy graduates and their collective wealth is measured in the hundreds of billions, yet graduates transitioning to become entrepreneurs as well as budding fund managers find connecting to capital difficult. 

In our experience, there is a single reason an investor writes a check: investors buy based on trusted relationships. Investors either trust the person leading the company or they trust the advisor presenting the deal. We refer to this as “trust capital.” 

The Academy Fund leverages relationships among Investors, Advisors and Operators to facilitate the valuable “trust capital.”


The goal of the Academy Fund is to provide necessary funding to businesses and real estate developers, allowing them to concentrate on execution of their business while we focus on due diligence and raising capital. 


As Service Academy graduates, we fought valiantly against our Nation’s foes and even competed amongst ourselves for decades, but the time has come to band together as a cohesive business community. We are people of intelligence, integrity and grit who choose to no longer compete with one another but rather form an ecosystem where we all succeed together. 


Imagine the impact we will have in the individual businesses and the broader influence they will have in their local economies through job creation and continuous innovation.  Service Academy graduates will influence the business world with INTELLIGENCE, INTEGRITY, and GRIT like never before.  We invite you to join the community.