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Academy Fund Spotlight: Wil Ingram, Navy Veteran

“We're interested in scaling our business and that's where the Academy Fund has really helped out. The Fund is extremely professional and once you get set up, the Fund can close quickly, too. We've closed some of these deals in a week to a week and a half…The Academy Fund is another great tool we have to help us to reach our goal.”

- Wil Ingram (USNA ‘11)

The Academy Fund is a private real estate fund that invests in military-veteran real estate operators and developers. We leverage relationships among Investors, Advisors, and Operators to facilitate the valuable “trust capital” and believe that intelligence, integrity and grit are competitive advantages and key inputs to building wealth. Today, we’re excited to share the story of Wil Ingram’s capital raise, which proves there is no limit to how you can scale a business when trust is on your side.

Meet Wil Ingram

Real Estate Operator: Wil Ingram

Company: Ingram Capital, LLC

Wil Ingram is a U.S. Navy veteran on a mission to build community through real estate. Wil achieves this by helping homebuyers and homeowners with financing and by rehabilitating old and abandoned houses in order to make them useful. Wil’s interest in real estate began while serving as a Surface Warfare Officer in the U.S. Navy. After spending three out of his six years in uniform at sea, he decided it was time for a career change so he could spend more time with his growing family and founded Ingram Capital, LLC with his brother.

Ingram Capital, LLC operates out of Dayton, Ohio and specializes in single-family long-term rental properties. Wil and his brother are passionate about buying semi-distressed or abandoned homes, fixing them up and making them useful for the community again. They operate in neighbourhoods where pride of ownership is evident, buy the one or two houses that need some help, and put their efforts into restoring the value they add to the community.

Real estate is capital intensive and having a great relationship with a lender is helpful when scaling a company. When Wil and his brother wanted to grow Ingram Capital, LLC to the next level, they turned to the Academy Fund. So far, the Fund has loaned Wil and his brother the money to fund the purchase and renovation of three single-family properties, enabling a quick turnaround on each project of just two to three months. Right now, the Academy Fund is helping them fund the purchase of six more single-family properties! With 70 properties under their belt already, we have no doubt they’ll achieve their goal to own 200 properties by the end of this year.

Working with Wil and his brother is a real pleasure. We love supporting their goal to create time and financial freedom for their families while revitalizing communities in the process and we’re excited to see how Ingram Capital, LLC continues to grow.

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