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Invest in People You Trust When Times Get Tough

Nearly two years ago, we launched the Academy Fund – an experienced team that provides due diligence, diversification and access to some of the best military veteran real estate developers, operators and their deals so you can earn a safe, reliable income from real estate.

To date, The Academy Fund has loaned over $16.2 million and has over 60 investors. The Fund recently surpassed $10 million in equity while supporting some incredible projects along the way. Check out the highlights here.

Maybe investing is the last thing on your mind right now. We feel you.

Gas prices are rising, inflation is at a 40-year high, and interest rates are skyrocketing.

Mark Twain famously said, “the return of my money is more important than the return on my money.” If that’s not a quote for today, we don’t know what is! It certainly describes what’s top of mind for us here at the Academy Fund.

Amidst all the uncertainty, you might be asking yourself, “is it really wise to invest in the Academy Fund right now?”

It’s a fair question. The answer is yes!

Diversification alongside the sophisticated oversight of the Millennium Trust Company and an experienced SEC Investment Advisor are just two built-in security benefits of investing in the Academy Fund. There are many more including:

  • Liquidity. The Fund does not impose a strict lock-up period so you don’t have to wait 5-7 years to get your money back.

  • Security. 1st lien position in real estate deals - the Academy Fund is the bank.

  • Margin of Safety. We typically lend at 70% LTV (loan to value)

At the Fund, your money is secured by hard assets and only moves at the speed of trust. The Academy Fund is more than just a fund. It’s also a community of individuals where those who fought to protect the American Dream have every opportunity to live the American Dream. This includes a secure future.

When you invest in the Academy Fund, you invest in top-tier military-veterans whose intelligence, integrity and grit protected the safety and security of our nation. This same intelligence, integrity and grit can also be trusted to protect your wealth at the very least, especially when times get tough.

Are you ready to invest in people you can trust? Click here to schedule a call with our team. We’d love to speak with you and learn how we can help you achieve your goals and plan for the future.

As ever, thank you to everyone who is helping to grow the military veteran investor network. Times are tough, but together, we are making a difference in the lives of military veteran entrepreneurs and building a powerful and supportive community of veterans investing in other veterans.


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