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Academy Fund Spotlight: Lance Mundo, Army Veteran

Updated: Jan 30

“Working with the Academy Fund is a win-win…It’s a true partnership and everyone is trying to get veterans closer to their financial freedom goals.” –Lance Mundo, Army Veteran

The Academy Fund is a private real estate fund that invests in military-veteran real estate operators and developers. We leverage relationships among Investors, Advisors, and Operators to facilitate the valuable “trust capital” and believe that intelligence, integrity and grit are competitive advantages and key inputs to building wealth. We are thrilled to share about Lance Mundo’s experience with the Academy Fund where he was able to close on a deal quickly for a short-term rental property that fit his portfolio.

Meet Lance Mundo

Lance Mundo started his career in the military with the United States Marine Corps, serving for 10 years as a Navigational Aids Technician, Embassy Security Guard, and Maintenance Section Leader. Lance completed Warrant Officer Candidate School and transferred to the United States Army. After serving for 11 years as a Warrant Officer, he retired in 2019 from the 101st Airborne. Lance attended Regis University and received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and his Master of Business Administration.

As a real estate investor, Lance is focused on short-term rentals in both the Gulf Coast and Smoky Mountain regions, and long-term rentals through Section 8 housing in the greater Atlanta, GA area. He utilized the Academy Fund when he encountered a unique opportunity to purchase another property in the Smoky Mountains.

Lance came across a cabin that was for sale by its owner. Because he was familiar with the real estate market in the area, he knew it was a good deal and that it would fit in well with his other short-term rental properties. There was a catch—the deal had to be closed on within ten days. That is when Lance contacted the Academy Fund, which was able to provide funding for the deal and allowed Lance to close on the cabin in only eight days. The Academy Fund was able to step in and be flexible in a situation where a traditional lender would have taken much longer to complete the funding process.

Lance closed on the Smoky Mountains short-term rental property in March of 2023 and had a successful summer season, with July being the strongest month. He is already starting to get reservations for the rest of the fall and into the holiday season.

Lance says that working with the Academy Fund is a win-win deal, and we couldn’t agree more. We are proud to have been Lance’s partner on this deal, and wish him great success in all of his real estate endeavors!

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