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Academy Fund Surpasses $10 Million in Equity

Nearly two years ago, we launched the Academy Fund – an experienced team that provides due diligence, diversification and access to some of the best real estate professionals and their deals so you can earn a safe, reliable income from real estate. Today, we’re celebrating because the Academy Fund just surpassed over $10 million in equity raised from investors!

That’s over $10 million invested in military veterans whose intelligence, integrity, and grit ensure our investors have access to some of the best deals out there. Check out what our Construction Control Management Partner, John Strawn has to say about the Fund’s military veteran borrowers:

“They’re top-tier borrowers. Their communication is clear, it's super fast, and I never have to wait on anything. It's a new caliber of borrower…these military guys are still getting their construction and renovation done in six months. I don't see too many other people doing that.”

Portfolio diversification and access to top-notch military veteran borrowers are just two benefits of investing in The Academy Fund. There are many more, including:

  • 1st lien position in real estate deals - the Academy Fund is the bank!

  • Monthly cash flow for investors with an annual rate of 8.5-10%

  • Tax savings through self-directed IRA investments

  • Protection from inflation

Above all, when you invest in the Academy Fund, you not only secure your own financial future, but you also play a part in securing the financial futures of our nation’s military veterans. The Academy Fund is more than just a fund. It represents a community where those who fought to protect the American Dream have every opportunity to live the American Dream. Over the last two years, the Academy Fund:

And those are just some of the highlights! If you want to learn more about the Academy Fund’s progress, please follow the Fund on Localvest and LinkedIn where we post regular updates.

THANK YOU to everyone who is helping to grow the military veteran investor network! Together, we are making a difference in the lives of military veteran entrepreneurs and building a powerful and supportive community of veterans investing in other veterans.


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